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Toad-ally Froggy!

How much do you know about

frogs and toads from around

the world?

1. Which of these is known for it's distinctive red and black belly?
African Clawed Toad
Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad
Common Spadefoot Toad
Holy Cross Toad

2. Which of the following are also known as Pacman frogs, due to the large size of their mouths?
South American Horned Frogs
Dart Frogs
Asian Horned Frogs

3. Which of the following toad species incubates and hatches their eggs from under the skin on the females' backs?
Midwife Toad
Marine Toad
Surinam Toad
Common North American Toad

4. Which is the largest species of toad?
European Common Toad
Green Toad
Marine Toad
Holy Cross Toad

5. Which of the following is not native to Australia?
Holy Cross Toad
Brown-striped Frog
Stonemason Toadlet
Tungara Frog

6. Which of the following is also known as the Saddleback Toad?
Golden Frog
Gold Frog
Golden Toad
Wood Frog

7. Which is the largest species of frog?
Goliath Bullfrog
Wood Frog
North American Bullfrog
African Bullfrog

8. Which of thew following frog species is known for running rather than hopping?
Bushveld Rain Frog
Golden Mantella
Banded Rubber Frog
Red-Eyed Tree Frog

9. Which of the following species is from North America?
White-Lipped Frog
Lake Frog
Giant Treefrog
Wood Frog

10. Which of the following species is not from North America?
Spring Peeper
Northern Cricket Frog
Giant Frog
Gray Treefrog

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How much 

do you 

know about 

wild cats?

1. What is the fastest species of cat?

2. What is the smallest species of big cat?
Clouded Leopard

3. What city has the largest population of leopards around it?
Mexico City

4. Which species of lynx is native to North America?
Eurasian Lynx
Canada Lynx
Iberian Lynx

5. Which is the largest member of the cat family?

6. Which of these African cat species has been known to prey on monkeys?
African Golden Cat

7. Which of these cat species is not known to live in mountain ranges?
Andean Cat
Sand Cat
Snow Leopard

8. Which cat species is not known to hunt fish?
Fishing Cat
Geoffroy's Cat

9. Which of these cat species is the largest?
Sand Cat
Black Footed Cat

10. Which of these cat species is not native to North America?
Flat-Headed Cat

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