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  A new generation, for a better world.

Children of Terra

Our Mission

At Children of Terra, our mission is a healthier environment through education and action, because a healthier environment means a healthier world for all of us. With a hands on approach, we aim to educate the general public about the natural world, and to inspire individuals to take positive action. Our organization takes part in environmental cleanup, habitat restoration, establishment of green space, and public service campaigns, while maintaining a strong focus on the stewardship of local ecosystems and youth education.

We're working on it...

Currently, Children of Terra is not a recognized charitable organization. At the moment, we are working very hard on getting all of our affairs in order to achieve this goal. Currently, we are a simple network of concerned citizens taking action on the topics that matter to us.

Why the website, then?

We simply couldn't wait to begin taking some sort of positive action, so we decided to launch our site. Here, you can check out the articles in our blog for all kinds of fun and information. You can also keep updated not only on our efforts to become a recognized organization, but on our effort to help make a positive impact on our environment.