Children of Terra

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Earth Week 2019

Join us on April 28th at 

Build a Bug Hotel

Using pre-fabricated wood frames, bamboo shoots, and materials from the local environment, you can make your own bug hotel! These bug hotels can help solitary bees, ladybugs, and so much more!

Plant a butterfly garden

Plant some love with butterfly friendly flowers! Plant and arrange some sprouts to attract these crucial pollinators. 

Nature-craft bird feeders

Using heat-treated pinecones, peanut butter, and a special blend of seed suited for local species, you can make your own nature-craft style bird feeder to hand in your garden or window! Bird feeders help attract and support many seed-eating species of wild birds!

Short Film Premiere

The premiere of the first short film produced by Children of Terra! This film documents the importance of healthy bee populations on the local environment and economy.

Free refreshments

We will be providing some free beverages and refreshments!

More to come!

We're just getting started! Check back for more details to come!