Children of Terra

A new generation, for a better world.

A day to learn about and plant trees!

Inspiring future arborists and helping to offset Northeast Ohio's carbon footprint!


Start off this program with a small meet and greet. This gives us a chance to learn who were teaching, and gives the kids a chance to learn who we are and what we do! Afterword, we will start a couple of hands-on activity to learn how trees drink and breathe. 

Nature Walk

The kids will get to go on a light nature walk through the woods wand learn how to identify some species of local trees with an area Arborist. 

What's an arborist do? Learn during lunch!

During this time, the kids have a chance to talk to an arborist and learn more about what they do. Here from a local plant enthusiast about the opportunities that stem from plants! A light lunch and refreshments will be provided during this time, as well!

How old is this tree?

After lunch, we will head back outside to burn off a few of those calories and learn how to measure a tree's age! 

Junior Arborists!

At the end of this program, we will be sending the kids home with a junior arborist kit! This kit will include some of the tools and reference materials used throughout the day, as well as some new ones to continue their exploration and education at home! Each child will also be receiving a tree seedling of a species native to Ohio to plant at home or in a special place in their community.