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Updates to the nature journal prompts

Posted on September 10, 2020 at 1:20 PM

The nature journal prompts are back! You may notice a few changes, though!

After talking with a lot of parents and educators and taking into consideration the new routines many families are adjusting to, we are creating nature journal prompts to better supplement that educational experience. As most school weeks go from Monday-Friday, we started by trimming down the days the prompts cover to coincide with that. This leaves weekends open for adventure or relaxation, which may be more necessary than ever as so many children and families get adjusted to a new educational experience.

Secondly, we’re putting more focus on prompts that require some outside time. We feel this is especially important now given how many students and families are learning from home, presenting less opportunity to get out of the house. The weather isn’t always conducive to spending time with nature, however. For that reason, each week’s prompts will include an extra “Bad Weather” prompt. We hope this will provide that extra little bit of motivation to observe and explore the natural world in a way that doesn’t have to be affected by what the weather is doing.

And finally, we want to try and make all of our material as widely available and accessible as possible. For that reason, we will be cross-posting the prompts as an image across all of our social media pages each weekend. Be sure to follow us if you don’t already! Links can be found towards the bottom of our homepage.


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