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Nature Journal Prompts: Dec 1-Dec 7

Posted on November 30, 2019 at 8:30 AM

It's officially December! Winter weather is starting to set in, plants and animals are starting to go into their hibernation states, days are short, and holiday season is in full swing. With everything going on, in can be difficult to find the motivation or inspiration to write in your nature journal each day. That's why we have these prompts! Use these on days when you can't think of something to write or draw in your nature journal. 

  • Take some time to observe the weather a few different times throughout the day. Detail your observations, then compare them at the end of the day.
  • Many birds have migrated south for the winter. For some, the northern US is south from their summer homes. For others, there's no need to migrate. What birds do you notice more in your area during the winter? Detail them in your journal
  • Take a trip to a nearby tree whose species you don't yet know. Make detailed observations of it that may help you ID it later on. Bark texture, bud shape and location, and branch structure are good things to start with. Compare your observations against a field guide (physical book or online guide) and try to ID the tree.
  • Just as with the animal world, not all plants go dormant for the winter. Find an wild winter plant, detail your observations, and try to ID it if you don't already know what kind of plant it is.
  • December 5th is International Soil Day. Take some time to think about the soil in your town. Why is the soil important to your area? What can be done to improve the quality and health of the soil? What kind of soil do you have in your yard or neighborhood? To learn how to determine soil type, visit this link:
  • Try to locate some animal tracks in the snow or mod in your town. Detail your observations, as well as what you think the tracks tell you about what the animal was doing when the tracks were left. Be sure to try drawing the tracks, as well!
  • Saturday stargazing! If not for the cold, studying the stars can actually be easier during the winter for a number of reasons. Take advantage of the season, dress warm, head outside after dark, and spend some time observing the sky and detailing your observations.
If you're not already keeping a nature journal, why not start now? For more information on nature journals and why you should be keeping one, visit the following link:

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