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Nature Journal Prompts: Nov 10-16

Posted on November 9, 2019 at 12:25 AM

Another week of prompts are here! These might be especially helpful given the harsh winter weather that's been moving in. These are here for those of you keeping nature journals, but sometimes have trouble finding something to journal about. Use these prompts to help you get inspired, or to give you an idea for something to write about. For more information on nature journals and why you should be keeping one, visit the following link:

Nature Journal Prompts: Nov 10-16

  • If you carved pumpkins for halloween, they are likely starting to rot by now. Have you noticed any particular bugs or animals making use of or feeding on your pumpkins? If so, detail them in your journal. 
  • Is there an area in your neighborhood that could be cleaned up? What kind of wildlife do you hope cleaning that area up would help? Detail these items in your journal, and take this opportunity to plan a cleanup. 
  • Try drawing a map of your surrounding area. Make note of any natural features or greenspace. 
  • Is there an environmental issue in your town that can be improved or resolved? Use your journal to write a rough draft of a letter to the mayor and/or city council of your town about it. Be sure to detail the issue, why it's important, and what could be done to resolve it.
  • Have you ever seen the egg(s) of a wild animal or insect? Detail the eggs, what they looked like, and where you found them in your journal.
  • Have you seen any wild mushrooms growing so far this fall? If so, detail the most interesting one.
  • Have you visited a local park or other natural place this week? Detail your experience in your journal. If not, use this opportunity to try making plans to do so. 
If you took on the prompt about writing a letter to your city leaders about an environmental issue facing your town, why stop at just the rough draft? Take some time to refine your letter into a final copy and send it to your mayor and/or city council. Citizen activism is a major piece of enacting real change, so be sure to make your voice heard!

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