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On Stephen Hawking...

Posted on March 17, 2018 at 12:55 AM

When I was around 11 or 12 years old, my mom brought home a very curious looking book. “A brief history of time” ran across the purple cover in bold, white letters. Though my mom bought the book as part of her personal foray into physics and spirituality, I read that book from beginning to end within a week. At the time, I didn’t understand many of the concepts in that book, let alone some of the words. That didn’t hinder my curiosity and inspiration, though. That book was my first real introduction to physics. And this story isn’t mine alone.


So many people have been challenged by and gained inspiration from the work of Stephen Hawking. My generation had a few “science guys” to look up to, but Hawking’s mind was so much more abstruse. His numerous profound contributions to science have culminated in groundbreaking theorems, multiple awards, the radiation he predicted being named after him, and an immeasurable number is supporters and followers. He didn’t do it all himself, however. Throughout his life he built a strong community of friends and loved ones that helped him not only with his work, but with his ever worsening symptoms of ALS.


Though he has rejoined the cosmos, he will never be forgotten.

R.I.P. Stephen W. Hawking

-Children of Terra-NEO


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