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Nature Journal Prompts 10/19-10/23

Posted on October 18, 2020 at 6:25 PM


-Tree lines, trail sides, and forest edges are popular among birds this time of year thanks to Poison Ivy and other vining berries. What else are the birds in your area eating?

-Beavers are busy reinforcing their dens and stashing extra food for the winter. Have you noticed any other mammals doing the same? Detail your observations.

-Fall is prime time for nut-bearing trees to drop their seeds. What kind of nuts can you find in your neighborhood?

-Cooler temperatures bring opportunity to fish who couldn’t bear the heat in the shallows during summer. Take a trip to a local pond or stream and detail any fish you observe.

-Fall crops and decorations provide a bountiful harvest for crows and other corvids. Have you noticed more crows in your area? Detail your observations

-Bad Weather Prompt: If you have any houseplants in your home, take some time to closely observe one. Shine different types of light on it, feel it, draw it, and detail every little thing you can think of about it.


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